This client came to us with a need for the unique quarter panel vents found on the 1963 Ferrari Modena Spyder. Since the car is so rare it was our job to create the Modena Spyder Custom Side Vent. His project car was to recreate the popular Ferrari model as visually exact as he could on the exterior.

The challenge in this design was creating something to look like an existing piece but engineer it in an entirely different way than the original. While the original was made from multiple pieces of stainless steel, we wanted to replicate the look while also achieving a lightweight as well as durable product. This was accomplished by starting with a single piece of high grade 6061 aluminum and carving the vent out based on a CAD design built using exact dimensions of the original vent.

Like with many other projects at FD Studios, this project not only created the product the client needed but also created the CAD file and documented the process which enables further products to be produced in a much shorter time with more efficiency and ultimately less cost for future orders.