Using our ability to recreate an existing element to scale within the computer enables us to more precisely build the pieces which will fit with it. Not only does this let the client see the product before its actually built…it also gives an exact visual of how the design will interact with any existing subjects it will be a part of. This technique helped greatly while creating the display pedestal for the Glass Bowl art installation.
The desire was to have the existing bowl elevated slightly off the standard display surface allowing more light to travel through the sculpture from both directions. The added challenge was to keep the design simple, not distracting from the piece itself but also maintain the elegance of the work.
Creating a virtual replica allows us to see how the pedestal is viewed along with the existing piece. On top of that, it gave us the opportunity to study different display postures for the glass which would allow an entirely new experience when viewing the installation.
The last order of business was to create a custom hand built transport box for shipping and send it to London.